Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Fighting Dem for Ohio's 4th District

We have a Fighting Dem in the state of Ohio. Not only is Richard Siferd a Democrat, a Viet Nam veteran, but he is also a Buckeye! Richard Siferd is the Democratic candidate for Ohio's 4th congressional district and he needs your support!

Here is what Richard has to say about Homeland Security:

This November voters will have a choice. One of the choices will be framed in terms of security. Voters in this District will be asked to choose who they trust with the security of our country. Do they trust a Democrat who served in a war, or a Republican who says we need to be patriotic, and strong and secure and have lower taxes...

...Security, peace and a good life are not earned by words. They are earned by careful planning and sacrifice....

Give Richard a hand and help him win the 4th district!