Friday, August 11, 2006

Pryce Running Scared

The Other Paper has a very informative article that details the reasons why Republican Rep. Deborah Pryce may not get re-elected. With Pryce's unwavering support for the Bush administration and the war in Iraq, she is in deep trouble. Of course, nearly every Ohio Republican running for public office is in deep trouble because of the Republican scandals. The people of Ohio are just sick, sick, sick of the Republican corruption.

To read the article on Deborah Pryce, click on the title of the article----Running Scared.
Here are some excerpts:

...even the Democrats didn’t realize what an opportunity they had when Kilroy announced her candidacy last year. Despite her victories in 2000 and 2004, Democrats figured winning races in an increasingly Democratic county was one thing. Taking on an incumbent powerhouse in a Republican congressional district would be another.

Paul Tipps, a former chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party, acknowledged he was until recently among the doubters.

“If you were to ask me six months ago, ‘Can anybody seriously challenge—just seriously challenge—Debbie Pryce?’ I would have told you, ‘I don’t think so.’ But look what’s happened,” Tipps said.

“Right now that race is a tossup.”

...Kozar plans to hit Pryce right back by pointing out her loyal support of Bush’s foreign policies, especially the war in Iraq, and his economic agenda, which exploded the national debt.

And he will hope that the anti-Bush, anti-incumbent attitudes discovered in that NBC-Wall Street Journal poll will remain through Nov. 7...

Pryce supports Bush's war in Iraq. So far, Ohio has lost 115 of our loved ones in Iraq. For a list of their names, home towns, and ranks, click here.