Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Another Ohio Republican in Trouble

Marion County commissioner, Republican Dave Columber has been accused of sexual harassment by five women. According to the Dispatch, Columber's behavior will have the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission visit Marion County.

Here are some excerpts from the Dispatch article about Columber:
...Marion County Auditor Joseph Campbell said yesterday that Columber created a hostile working environment in his office...

...In a letter to Slagle dated July 26, Campbell said he witnessed two incidents in his office that involved Columber making sexual remarks and gestures to female employees.

"I have heard many people say, ‘That’s just Dave’ or ‘That’s the way Dave is’ and don’t think anything about it," Campbell wrote. "I do believe this is the way Dave is, and there is no room in county government for this kind of behavior."

I am sure that the people of Marion County would not like it if their wife or daughter had been the target of Columber's sexual harassment. Do the voters of Marion County want to re-elect Columber and subject the county to further embarrassment and possible financial liability?

>In Indiana, there is another Republican candidate in trouble. Has Republican corruption and inappropriate behavior become an epidemic????


Indianapolis - Republican Eric Dickerson is the current GOP hope to unseat incumbent Democrat Julia Carson. He points to his north Keystone Buick dealership as proof of his financial skills, he says, and his qualifications to unseat Carson.

However, Fifth-Third Bank is suing Dickerson. It claims Buick is late paying on two loans worth more than $5 million. Dickerson is on the hook personally, guaranteeing $2 million of that and the bank wants it now....