Friday, August 25, 2006

The Ohio State Buckeyes

Next week is the first game of the football season for the Buckeyes. Even though I am glad that all these good things have been said about the Buckeyes, I just worry more. I am fortunate enough to have season tickets for the home games and I will be there screaming and cheering. (My seats are not as good as Gov. Bob Taft and the rest of the corrupt Ohio Republicans who get nice, cushy seats in the press box with food and air conditioning.)

In today's USA Today, there is a great picture on the front page of a special sports section on college football. It shows the team after a game singing Carmen OHIO. Don't forget to check out the Ohio State Athletic Department's Football page.

I just don't understand why these sportwriters are so in love with Notre Dame! We beat them in the Fiesta Bowl 34 to 20! Here are some pics from the 2006 Fiesta Bowl:
1. USA Today