Friday, August 04, 2006

Ohio GOP Report Card

The Ohio GOP is trying to find an issue that will attract Ohioans to their ethically-challenged political party. The Republicans announced yesterday that they will target illegal aliens. However, a Democrat had this to say (Toledo Blade):
The package would also include increased penalties for human trafficking for prostitution and labor, and a $50,000 civil fine for those who counterfeit identification documents as part of immigration fraud.

Senate Democratic Leader C.J. Prentiss (D., Philadelphia) characterized yesterday’s announcement as an election-year promise that Republicans won’t be able to keep because immigration is largely a federal issue.

“First it was TEL (Tax Expenditure Limitation), then the capital gains tax cut,” she said. “Now it is illegal immigration. It would be a lot easier if the GOP just handed over the polling data and let us check off one by one what the next gimmick is they have in store for Ohio as we head toward the November election.”

Here is the report card for the Ohio GOP:

School Funding: F
Job Creation: F
Ethics: F
Job Protection: F
Protecting the Environment: F