Monday, August 14, 2006

Not Even Using All Ohio Vets

In one of Republican Rep. Deborah Pryce's (OH-15) campaign ads, she touts her help to veterans. In previous posts, I have already established that Pryce has voted against veterans' medical benefits. However, now it has been recognized that some of the VFW vets she uses in an ad ARE NOT EVEN FROM OHIO!

In a blog called Hypothetically Speaking, pictures from one of Pryce's ads show vets clearly from other states! So not only has Deborah Pryce failed to bring jobs to Ohio, she has even disrespected Ohio vets by NOT using only them in her ads! Here are some pictures from Hypothetically Speaking which clearly show that some of the vets are from Maryland.

Thank you, Hypothetically Speaking for the great work.

Have you looked at an updated view of Deborah Pryce's career profile of her campaign finances? Open Secrets has the details:
Since 1989, Pryce has raised over $6,896,437 for her campaign. The Industries she has gotten money from are real eye openers. She serves on the House Committee for Financial Services. Guess which sector provides her largest campaign contributions????? Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate PACs and Individuals!!!!! Amazing. Do you think they influence how she votes?