Thursday, August 24, 2006

News in Ohio

1. If you smell a little something in the air this morning in Ohio, you need to be reminded that Karl Rove was in Ohio last night at a fundraiser for extreme right winger, Kenneth Blackwell.

Here are some excerpts from the Toledo Blade:

...Mr. Rove praised Mr. Blackwell’s character and his commitment to tax cuts, likening him to the President on both counts....

He cheered the President’s handling of the national economy, which he said has grown 20 percent since 2003, but he acknowledged tougher times in Ohio....

I'm sorry, but that is all I am willing to quote because just the thought of Rove being in Ohio makes me want to puke.

2. Ohio has lost another service member in Iraq. Brad Clemmons, U.S. Air Force master sergeant, had just found out that his wife was pregnant. The Dispatch has the complete story.

3. There is an interesting letter to the editor from The Morning Journal News from Lisbon, Ohio. Here are some excerpts:

Ohio Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell, a millionaire, appears to be hiding something with his failure to disclose his income tax returns. Congressman Ted Strickland has shown Ohioans that they can trust him with their money because he is showing us his personal finances.

Blackwell is reportedly the first gubernatorial candidate since 1982 to refuse to disclose his income tax returns. Voters should question why.

Is it perhaps because Blackwell held stock in Diebold Inc., a company that benefited from decisions made by Blackwell’s office? Indeed, Blackwell sold his stock in Diebold at a loss, claiming he did not know about owning this specific stock, but a millionaire selling stock at a loss is a write-off on tax returns. Could Blackwell have other similar losses that would show up on an income tax return?

I once read that Ohio is the seventh highest state for tax burdens on its citizens. If Blackwell is so concerned about this tax burden upon Ohioans then what does he have to lose by sharing his tax returns with those he wants to vote for him?

This shows that Ohio voters have big doubts about Blackwell.