Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Pryce and the Minimum Wage

*Republican Rep. Deborah Pryce has voted against the minimum wage 7 times. However, when increasing the minimum wage was tied to cutting the estate tax, she was for it. Does Pryce only represent the wealthy of central Ohio??

*As a resident of Ohio's 15th congressional district, I recently received a mailing from Deborah Pryce. The topic was immigration. Obviously, Pryce is trying to get her name out there, mail it without cost to her campaign, and get money/contacts from the "survey." Here are some excerpts from the WBNS-TV story about Pryce's mailing:

If you live in Congresswoman Deborah Pryce's district, chances are you got a mailer that discusses Pryce's position on fighting illegal immigration, and asks for opinions. But to some people in this election year, the tax-payer funded mailer looks like something much more.

When Barry Gordon received his Deborah Pryce mailer, he was mad.

"I don't think someone who is an incumbent running for reelection should have taxpayers pay for material like this that is so obviously self-serving," Barry Gordon said.

This "survey and illegal immigration update" does ask his opinion about immigration, but reads to Gordon more like a campaign flyer than anything else.....

...How much did these mailers cost to produce and send to 600,000 in the 15th Ohio House District? 10TV asked for those figures Friday morning and were told initially we'd get that information. As of Friday evening, we're still waiting.

Do you know what I did with my "survey" from Pryce? I put it directly into my shredder.