Friday, July 26, 2013

You Might Want to Know...

If you live in Ohio, you remember how Republican Gov. John Kasich called a police officer "an idiot" in front of a room full of state employees.

Now a Kasich administration appointee has run into problems by "poking a cop."


In 2011 Michael Cope was hired by Jerry Wray, Kasich’s Director at Ohio Department of Transportation.  Cope resigned last week after a run-in with the police at a movie theater in Columbus....

....According to 10TV, Cope was arrested at the bar of the Movie Tavern in Columbus after refusing to leave during a fire alarm.

“Cope was ordered by a Columbus police officer to leave the building three times, and he refused. He then poked the officer in the chest,” reports 10TV. “When the officer told him he would be charged with misconduct at an emergency scene, the officer said Cope pulled his arms away from the arresting officer and refused to comply with commands.”

Don't these Kasich people respect our men and women that serve and protect? It is no wonder that in the campaign to overturn SB5/Issue 2, police joined firefighters, teachers and state workers to stop GOP and their outrageous attacks on middle class workers. Unfortunately, this is yet another example of how the Republicans have no respect for the hardworking people that keep the peace.


>>>>>  It certainly took a long time for this to happen-----

The House Ethics Committee is launching a full-tilt investigation of Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota.

The committee announced on Friday it had received a referral from the Office of Congressional Ethics, an independent investigative body, and said in a brief statement that it would formally investigate the one-time Republican presidential candidate.....


>>>> Republican Rep. Steve King of Iowa is proving that hatred, racism, and prejudice are alive in the Republican Party. The Rockford Register Star has details about Steve King, his comments, quotes from others about King. It looks like the Republicans don't have the welcome mat out for diversity.