Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Not A Surprise

Ohioans are starting to ask questions of the Kasich administration. Here is what has been discovered:

(1)     CityBeat-Cincinnati:

Six of nine JobsOhio board members have direct financial ties to companies that have received tax credits and other help from the agency and state government, an investigation from Dayton Daily News discovered. The members are connected in various ways: Some are employed by the companies, others sit on their boards and a few just own stocks. The conflicts of interest that could undermine JobsOhio’s goals. The privatized development agency was established by Gov. John Kasich and Republican legislators to replace the Ohio Department of Development. Republicans claim JobsOhio’s privatized nature allows it to move at “the speed of business” when luring companies to the state. But Democrats argue that the agency is unaccountable and draining state funds without any clear indication of where the money is going.....

.....Ohio’s job growth is so slow that it will take nearly five years to recover all the jobs lost during the Great Recession.....

So much for Kasich's "Ohio Miracle" b.s.

(2)     TradingCharts has the complete article from the Dayton Daily News about how companies with close ties to Kasich and JobsOhio are getting money.

(3)     Plunderbund:

The Dispatch is reporting that the Kasich Administration and JobsOhio are again providing financial incentives to companies that are doing nothing more than moving from one Ohio city to another.

This time it’s TimberTech, a PA-based company who is shutting down their Columbus plant and laying off 58 workers.  At the same time, they are recieving  a financial grant and a 50 percent tax cut over eight years in order to open a new plant in Wilmington Ohio as long as they promise to hire 85 new employees.

In 2011 Diebold and American Greeting both got huge financial incentive packages ($56 Million and $100 Million) in order to build new headquarters with similar promises to hire new employees.   Both companies cancelled plans for new construction and ended up laying off tons of workers: 700+ for Diebold and over 2000 for American Greetings.....

What a mess! There is no way Kasich should have a second term.