Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Warning for Springboro, Ohio

Springboro, Ohio, has become the target of the far right Tea Party and their radical beliefs, including a proposal to teach creationism in science classes. Under the leadership of Kelly Kohls, the Springboro School Board has been causing problems for parents and students.

Here is a short list of some of the controversies facing Springboro because of the far right turn of the school board:

1. Ohio.com (May 24, 2013): Students, parents, and the ACLU speak up against teaching creationism in Springboro's schools.

2.  SpringboroSun (June 28, 2013):
The Ohio State Employee Relations Board (SERB) has found probable cause for an investigation and hearing into unfair labor practice allegations against the Springboro Board of Education.
SERB investigators agreed with the Springboro Education Association that the school board should be investigated for posting the parties' initial bargaining proposals on the school district's website.....

3. A radical group will be teaching a "course" in Springboro, Ohio. Here is part of what DailyKos has: 

The school district in Springboro, Ohio--halfway between Cincy and Dayton--is planning to offer a summer course on the Constitution taught by David Barton.  Warren Throckmorton, one of the professors whose concerns about Barton's scholarship led Thomas Nelson to yank The Jefferson Lies last year, stumbled on this course yesterday....

...One name that should jump out at you besides Barton is John Eidsmoe.  For those who don't remember, Eidsmoe is a leading Christian reconstructionist and one of Michele Bachmann's mentors when the Mad Minnesotan attended ORU. 

The course is sponsored by the Institute on the Constitution, an outfit run by Michael Peroutka, the 2004 Constitution Party candidate.  Peroutka has documented ties to white supremacist groups.  According to the Human Rights Campaign, Peroutka is a prominent member of the League of the South, a neo-Confederate group that advocates having the South secede from the United States and calls white supremacy "healthy and Biblical."  Eidsmoe himself has frequently spoken to white supremacist groups....

As DailyKos and others have noted, it is time to stop this takeover and contact the ACLU, the Springboro School Board, and the media.