Sunday, July 14, 2013

Is there a 21st century Kasich?

Brent Larkin's commentary on Republican views on marriage equality, and abortion raised a lot of points. Here are a few of his notes on Gov. John Kasich.


...Kasich isn't always a good fit with the 21st-century version of the Republican Party.... 

....He opposes abortion and gay marriage, but rarely, if ever, sermonizes on those issues. 

Nevertheless, Kasich toes the party line. With a re-election campaign and a possible second run for president nearing, Kasich can't afford to get sideways with the gun lovers and social conservatives who represent a huge chunk of the Republican vote...

John Kasich's views on women show his lack of respect for women's rights, privacy, work ethic, and contributions to society.

Kasich's super secret JobsOhio operation displays his preference for the old days of backroom deals made with rich, old white men. Then and now, the people have had to handle the decisions made by the old white guys, and business titans. While our tax dollars fund the JobsOhio agency, we are kept away from how our money is spent.

In my humble opinion, Kasich and the Republican Party are still stuck in the dark ages regarding women, workers, science, education, and transparency. Kasich and the GOP haven't awakened to the 21st century.