Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Ohio Republican Feud?????

The Columbus Dispatch noticed that Ohio Gov. John ("governor ultrasound") Kasich vetoed money wanted by far right, Tea Party Republican and failing candidate for the Senate, Josh Mandel.


...Among Gov. John Kasich’s 22 vetoes on Sunday was one cutting the $10 million allocated to state Treasurer Josh Mandel’s office for computer upgrades to combat what Mandel says are constant cyberattacks on his office....

“Mandel has to be furious,” said one well-connected Capitol Square Republican who asked not to be named. “Clearly, John Kasich is playing for keeps.”

Mandel raised the dander of Kasich and his aides by publicly opposing two of the governor’s priorities: expanding Medicaid coverage to 275,000 more poor Ohioans, and imposing a so-called “ fracking” tax on shale-oil and -gas drillers....

The possibility of a feud between Kasich and Mandel is downright exciting! Both of them have large egos and national aspirations. Kasich and Mandel hold similar views on women's reproductive freedom--- they are against it. It is ironic that these anti-big government GOPers that support privacy support the invasion of a woman's privacy in the gynecologist's office.

Plunderbund has details on how Gov. Kasich's budget hurts prenatal care for women, emergency medical care, and rape victims. Kasich and the Ohio Republicans support this draconian budget and they've demonstrated their dismissive attitude for women and women's issues.

(Pic from #standwithohiowomen)