Friday, July 19, 2013

Troubling News in Ohio

The word is out.......Ohio's job growth is lagging behind other states.


...Ohio unemployment rate also reportedly went up to 7.2%, meaning that it has only dropped .1% over the past twelve months.  Ohio’s only gained 16,000 new jobs over the past twelve months.  While that’s somewhat positive, it’s anemic job growth.  Ohio is the seventh most populated state in the nation.  Yet, it’s grown fewer jobs over the past twelve months than Idaho or Kansas.  Meanwhile, “high tax” states like California has gained over a quarter of million of new jobs over the past twelve months.  Ohio’s job creation is so anemic, the U.S. Department of Labor doesn’t even including it in its press release reviewing the States with substantial changes in their unemployment rate or job creation numbers over the past twelve months....

....While nationally new weekly unemployment applications fell to its lowest level in ten weeks, Ohio was in the top five States with increases in new applications.  The State with the second largest drop in applications?  California.

And as this article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer points out, Ohio’s job growth over the past twelve months is less than 24% of the national rate of growth.  Also, noteworthy, last month Ohio shed 7,100 local government jobs while employment in state government grew by 3,400.  And, hey, food service jobs are growing!

While Gov. John Kasich's continues to keep the finances of JobsOhio private, citizens have the right to know exactly how our tax dollars are being spent, and which corporations are getting money.

>>> Plunderbund also has some troubling news: Republicans have introduced a stand your ground piece of legislation.