Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Others Notice

* The new abortion and reproductive restrictions put into place by Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, have been temporarily blocked by a federal judge.


Scott Walker could not sneak his anti-choice law pass the people of Wisconsin and he had even less luck trying to sneak it past the notice of a judge. On Monday, U.S. District Judge William Conley listened to the protests of Planned Parenthood and issued a temporary restraining order against a law for which he said there is no justification.

His 19-page ruling says that “There is a troubling lack of justification for the hospital admitting privileges requirement.”

There is a troubling lack of justification for every anti-choice law passed by every Republican legislature since 2010 and Walker’s law is no exception....

It is just a matter of time before a similar law in Ohio is also found unconstitutional. Don't you wish Republicans and their governors would stop minding our reproductive system? Where is the freedom?

* People outside of Columbus have noticed that one family controls most of the media in central Ohio.


The conservative Columbus Dispatch has long been a force in local and state politics in Ohio. But in recent years, the newspaper's parent company has become a virtual media monopoly in Ohio's largest city and state capital, controlling not only the daily newspaper, but two radio stations, a television outlet and a long list of other weekly, monthly, and regional news sources.....

....the Dispatch's owners have used that media muscle to promote conservative causes and candidates, in particular the state's Republican governor, John Kasich. Publisher John F. Wolfe, CEO of parent company Dispatch Printing, and his wife, Ann, have spent more than $100,000 seeking to elect Republicans in state and out, with three dollars out of every ten going to Kasich's coffers....

Those of us in central Ohio cannot depend on the Dispatch/Wolfe media companies for our information. It is the responsibility of everyone to search for the truth----not just what one right wing family wants you to know.