Wednesday, July 17, 2013

'...robbing Peter to pay Paul...'

It appears that Gov. John Kasich's administration has been moving our tax dollars around from here to there to fund agencies like JobsOhio. Our tax dollars that originally were to go to public schools are now going to charter schools, many of which are unable to meet state standards. Now there is word that more money is going somewhere else.


...Monday, the turnpike commission authorized the sale of $1 billion in bonds to fund highway projects in Ohio. The bonds would be paid by 2.7 percent toll increases annually for 10 years.

Until now, tolls had paid for maintenance and operation of the 241-mile road through northern Ohio. The system may have worked too well; the toll road now is an asset to be leveraged for funds to improve highways elsewhere in the state.

Concerns about this approach are understandable; something similar happened to Ohio liquor profits, now used - indirectly, yet undeniably - to fund JobsOhio, the economic development agency privatized by Gov. John Kasich....

With all our money being moved from one place to another, citizens might come to the conclusion that there is a shell game being played with our tax money in our state. Citizens have every right to worry because John Kasich appears to have an allergic reaction to transparency and open records. 

>>> A quick check to the Warn Notice page at ODJFS shows that Ohio is still losing jobs.