Sunday, June 30, 2013

Stand up for your rights!

If you are a woman living in Ohio, you've been muzzled on your reproductive rights. The next time that you go to the gynecologist imagine that besides you and your doctor, Gov. John Kasich, and the entire Ohio GOP are in the examining room. With news that Kasich allowed the wishes of the far right Republican men to dictate what birth control is available to you, we should all be angry.

Gov. John Kasich and the GOP budget will hurt women.

Toledo Blade:

Before signing a $62 billion, two-year budget into law tonight, Gov. John Kasich used his line-item veto pen to strike language seen as a barrier to progress on expanding Medicaid while talks continue on the broader expansion the governor has sought.

But he left intact all of the controversial provisions seen as restricting abortions as well as language allowing local government bodies to meet secretly behind closed doors in executive session when discussing economic incentive packages for businesses.....

....A last-minute addition that requires a doctor to performing abortions to first perform an ultrasound to detect a fetal heartbeat and then offer to let the woman seeking an abortion hear or see that heartbeat. Failure to following this procedure could lead to criminal prosecution of the doctor.

The budget also places Planned Parenthood at the end of the line when it comes to distributing Ohio’s share of federal family planning funds....

 We all know what Kasich thinks of women-----

It is time for the women in this country to tell men, especially the Republican men, that we don't need their opinions about our reproductive rights. We are not their property, and we are not children.

Republican Jim DeMint appeared on Meet the Press today. 

Raw Story:

Some women like being forced to have an ultrasound before receiving an abortion, according to former Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC)....

...MSNBC host Rachel Maddow pointed out that women weren’t given the opportunity to have an ultrasound, they were forced to have a medically unnecessary ultrasound by the state. She added that in many cases women were subjected to trans-vaginal ultrasounds.

“So it’s an invasive vaginal forced procedure that a woman cannot say no to by order of the state government,” Maddow continued. “And that is all right with you. I understand that. You feel that you’ve got an interest strong enough to override a woman’s desire to not have that happen to her that you can insist that it does as a legislator. But most American women I think are going to balk at that.”

The Republicans are so paternalistic toward women, and sadists. Why should any woman be forced to have any procedure because DeMint, Kasich, or any man says she must?

In case you are interested,Democrat Ed Fitzgerald, is challenging Kasich in the next election. Ed Fitzgerald believes that women have the right to make their own reproductive decisions.