Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Does this man speak for all Ohio women?

Once again the right wingers in Ohio are stating that health care for women isn't that important.  The latest proposal in Ohio has women's health care last in line.

Lancaster Eagle Gazette:

Ohio conservatives’ cross-hairs on Planned Parenthood in the state budget could result in some other organizations being hit.

Because the Legislature cannot legally ban grants to the healthcare and abortion provider by name, the proposed budget places all private family planning service providers at the end of the line for state grants, despite the fact those organizations do not provide abortions....

Here is the part in the Lancaster Eagle Gazette article that got my attention:

...Mike Gonadakis, president of Ohio Right to Life, said his group has worked with legislators to eliminate or minimize unintended consequences from the bill. He said it simply is an effort to show that Ohio prefers childbirth over abortion and that the money should go to where the vast majority of women get services. He said even after the changes, there will be no part of the state where women couldn’t get services....

He certainly thinks he speaks for everyone. He also has taken it upon himself to speak for women, especially poor women, about their gynecological care, cancer screenings, etc. Yes, ladies, the head of the Ohio Right to Life wants to decide for you what clinics are open and what treatments you can receive. He is not a doctor, nor an elected official, but he is obviously part of the GOP war on women in Ohio.

Don't you wish that the president of the Ohio Right to Life and the Ohio GOP would stop being so interested in our gynecological anatomy? It is disgusting, and obsessive. Women are smart enough to make their own decisions and should not be denied care. You may contact the Ohio Right to Life at  mgonidakis@ohiolife.org  ((614) 547-0099, ext. 301) and the Ohio Republican Party  info@ohiogop.org  https://www.twitter.com/OhioGOP   (614) 228-2481 .