Tuesday, June 18, 2013

More Controversy

* Some members of the Springboro School Board are using politics in the hiring of teachers, allegedly.

Dayton Daily News:

The president of the Springboro Board of Education and a former board official are accused of contriving a scheme to block the hiring of a teacher because of her political stand on a past levy, the former superintendent of the district said in a new federal court filing in US District Court in Cincinnati.

Tammy Grigsby originally filed the lawsuit in September 2012. In an amended complaint filed last week, Grigsby accuses board member Kelly Kohls and former human resources director George Long of creating a scheme to hide that they didn’t want to hire her to be a math teacher in the district. The complaint asserts that Grigsby was the first choice for the job but that Kohls orchestrated a plan requiring a third round of interviews and the selection of a new candidate for the job. The motivation, the complaint alleges, was to keep Grigsby from being hired because of an earlier conflict related to her work with a parent group that advocated for levy passage.

Former Superintendent Gene Lolli, who quit the district over a difference of philosophy with the board, said he continued to push for Grigsby’s hiring until Kohls, then acting school board president, personally directed him to remove her from a list of teachers to be hired, according to the documents.....

There is that Tea Party activist, Kelly Kohls, involved in yet another controversy. Kohls, as you recall, has been pushing for teaching creationism in the Springboro Schools, despite the objections of parents and students of the district.

Parents and students should worry that some board members appear to be pushing their own religious agenda. Will future science tests look like this?