Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Other States Winning Awards- Not Ohio

AreaDevelopment celebrates the success of states in the area of economic development.  Unfortunately, Ohio is not among those states receiving awards.

>> Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine continues to appear on local news channel several times per week. Last night, he did a telephone interview with 10TV news. He has become a publicity hog with frequent interviews, news conferences, and press announcements.  If Mike DeWine spent more time managing his office, perhaps the "....backlog of over 2,000 untested kits...." would have been taken care of by now. It is a disgrace that DeWine continues to delay the cases of rape victims.

>> The recent Walmart ads showing actual shoppers and the amount of savings shoppers have for shopping at the mega store, still cannot convince me to shop there. I'm not interested in supporting a business that treats its employees in such a poor manner. Since Walmart refused to sign the agreement to provide safer working conditions for workers in Bangladesh, I refuse to give Walmart a penny.

****  Republican Rep. Steve Stivers (OH-15th) had a recent meeting with constituents in Clinton County.  Stivers spoke about unemployment:

...Addressing an audience of Clinton Countians whose home county has ranked among the Ohio counties with the worst unemployment rate since 2008, Stivers said there's a need to fix the unemployment system so that it "creates an off-ramp to a job and that means tying workforce development into it."

He added, "But I think after a while unemployed people should be required to, for example, get the workforce development training that they need to have the skills so that they can get jobs."

Stivers continued, "After let's say three or four months of unemployment, it's probably fair to say that they don't have the skills for the jobs that are in that marketplace. So we need to tie some responsibilities to that unemployment after a while, [and] make sure that it does help people get back to work.

You've got to wonder why Stivers didn't explain why he and his Republican pals haven't passed a jobs bill yet.  While Stivers gets his rent free office in Hilliard, he just doesn't see your unemployment as his problem.