Thursday, April 04, 2013

Same Old Story

> Republican Jean Schmidt of Ohio is in the news, and once again it isn't good.
Dayton Daily News:

Former U.S. Rep. Jean Schmidt, R-Loveland, has avoided an order to repay roughly $500,000 that the House Ethics Committee ruled she wrongly accepted in legal fees from a Turkish-American group.

The order stems from a U.S. House committee ruling that Schmidt violated House rules when she let the Turkish American Legal Defense Fund pay for a slew of legal battles against her 2008 Democratic opponent David Krikorian....

...Schmidt’s final financial disclosure statement filed in March states she owes three legal firms — two named as being paid by the Turkish American Legal Defense Fund in the committee report — between $515,000 and $1,050,000 combined....

As the article notes, Schmidt does not need to pay these bills now that she is no longer in Congress.  However, this case may still be litigated by the law firms and/or election commissions.

* Gov. John Kasich continues to claim that the new jobs in Ohio had nothing to do with President Obama's auto rescue plan. A few months ago, Kasich dissed the auto bailout plan and the resulting jobs.

The Hill:

...Kasich, a Republican and supporter of Mitt Romney, said that the rescue of auto companies accounted for just 400 of the 112,000 new jobs that have come to Ohio since early last year...

What b.s.! John Kasich will do anything he can to diminish the success of Obama auto revival plan. Kasich also fails to note the jobs related to suppliers, transportation, and other industries  tied to the auto industry in Ohio.

•••• Ohio Treasurer and far right Republican, Josh Mandel, has started to collect campaign contributions for his re-election campaign. Mandel, who was trounced by Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown last fall, has been on the road in Ohio visiting the Republican dinner circuits in the state.  Mandel's arrogance, lack of depth on issues, and anti-middle class rants, have not stopped him from exploring his political ambitions.


Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel has received the support of Citizens United, a conservative nonprofit best known for its 2010 U.S. Supreme Court case. 

The Citizens United Political Victory Fund pledged $11,500 to Mandel’s state campaign — the most of the 18 politicians it announced it supports in the 2014 election cycle . Mandel has said he intends to run for reelection to the treasurer’s office... 

Mandel is only interested in himself and his far right benefactors. He has little if any support for the working men and women of Ohio as was demonstrated by his support of
SB 5/Issue 2.