Monday, April 08, 2013

Public on Losing End

* Gov. John Kasich is the latest recipient of the "Pants on Fire" award from Politifact Ohio for his claim that his plan for the Ohio Turnpike would lower tolls. Kasich is lucky that he doesn't resemble Pinnochio.

Kasich's budget cuts to public schools in Ohio have more school districts going to voters in the form of school levies.  The Dispatch has the details.

Kasich has celebrated his planned income tax cuts. However, not everyone agrees with Kasich, as the Dayton Daily News explains:

...Some economists disagree, saying the cost of a tax cut is better spent on state services, and income tax cuts have not led to more business growth.

“(Income tax cuts) are always sold as the magical elixir that fixes everything and it never pans out that way,” said Michael Mazerov of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a national left of center think tank that analyzes tax issues.

Mazerov said companies rarely move or choose to expand out of state, but consider factors such as nearby professional contacts and infrastructure. He said revenue lost from income tax cuts would be better put to use on education and infrastructure improvements....

Gov. Kasich's planned hand outs for the rich won't do anything to help the middle class or school children.