Monday, April 29, 2013

In the news....

****  Ohio Democrat Ed Fitzgerald had a few things to say about Republican Gov. John Kasich's budget.


...FitzGerald, currently the county executive for Cuyahoga County, called Kasich's efforts to balance the state budget at the expense of local government funds for cities and counties a "fraud," whose effects he can clearly see as the top official in one of Ohio's biggest counties....

...One state program that worries him in this regard, he said, is JobsOhio, the privatized economic development agency Kasich created. Earlier this year, it was reported that the agency had repaid the state $8.4 million in taxpayer dollars that had subsidized it for about its first year and half of existence. Before that, JobsOhio had been in a dispute with Ohio Auditor of State Dave Yost, over the auditor's authority to inspect its private finances.

"I think the JobsOhio situation is just a walking disaster," FitzGerald said. "It's just so ill-conceived." He predicted that the agency is headed for more problems in the way it handles public moneys – "It's not even a question of if; it's a question of when."

That is just a small bit of information in the article. To read about what Kasich had planned with SB5, read the article at AthensNews

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News from the ToledoBlade:

...According to a recent Quinnipiac Poll, Ohioans favor legalization of gay marriage 48 to 44 percent. Ohio women support it 52 to 40 percent.

On gun control, 84 percent of Ohio voters, including 80 percent of voters in households with guns, support universal background checks for gun buyers.

Those are telling numbers, suggesting that Mr. Portman ignored the overwhelming will of Ohio’s people when he opposed expanding background checks for potential gun buyers. Mr. Portman changed his mind on gay marriage when it touched him personally. Maybe he needs to go to the inner city in Toledo or Dayton and talk to mothers who have lost children to gun violence....

Republicans enjoy the money from the NRA and pro-gun groups. The opinions of citizens are not important to Portman and his fellow Republicans.


>>> Do you need further proof that the Columbus Dispatch is a right wing, conservative, propaganda machine? The Saturday, April 27th, edition had the guest columns of two conservative talking heads: Jeb Bush and Seth Morgan. Both men promote giving tax money to charter schools.

>> Those ads on TV that promote online learning are being challenge by research. In an article at Raw Story, Online Education Is Mostly A Fantasy, evidence shows that online learning is only successful for highly motivated students, and.....

.....Studies have shown that a fixed structure and the sense of belonging that comes from a student body improve completion rates. Allowing students to study on their own removes these components of the support system resulting in lower rates of course completion.....

In Ohio, online K-12 programs have dismal graduation statistics. But don't worry. Our Republican governor and legislators want to provide the corporations that own them with even more money. Some corporations and their stockholders are getting rich while students fail.