Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kasich Not Helping

Ohio school districts are looking over the new grading system instituted by Gov. John Kasich.

If the state’s new way of grading schools had been in effect when the 2011-12 report cards were released, Canton City’s optimistic-sounding rating of “Continuous Improvement” would have been a slate of C’s, D’s and F’s....

...Canton City Schools Superintendent Adrian Allison said he was not surprised by the letter grades, but “not 100 percent sure they are a reflection of what we do.”

His staff, he said, work to overcome both academic and non-academic barriers....

StateImpact notes that these new grades for districts exposes something else:

Last week we told you that projections show under the new school report cards most charter schools in the state would get F’s.

It turns out the Urban 8 districts would perform just as poorly – if not worse – in many areas....

Will Gov. Kasich and the Republicans help those under performing schools or continue to take funds away from schools to finance his pet projects? Since a majority of Ohio's students attend traditional public schools, Kasich's plan to take more money away from them to give to charters is completely ridiculous. Then again, most of what has been in Kasich's agenda has been outrageous, including the super secret JobsOhio.