Wednesday, April 10, 2013

*** If you are working a minimum wage job, and having difficulty making ends meet, do not seek understanding from Republican Rep. Steve Stivers (OH-15). He just doesn't care about your problems because he is more concerned about businesses, bankers, and the wealthy. In a story posted at 10TV, Steve Stivers responded in the following way:

...Republican Congressman Steve Stivers says increasing the minimum wage isn’t necessary.

"I generally believe market forces set wages really well," said Stivers....

Now that Stivers has moved up to the fancy suburb of Upper Arlington, and has the support of far right business PACs, he doesn't care that much about the middle class and those surviving on minimum wage.  A quick look at OpenSecrets reveals that Steve Stivers has received a majority of his campaign committee funds from PACs:

Cycle Source of Funds, 2011-2012, Campaign Cmte only

Individual Contributions About Size of Contributions
 - Small Individual Contributions
 - Large Individual Contributions
$40,377 (1%)
$1,228,215 (45%)
legendPAC Contributions $1,450,228 (53%)
legend Candidate self-financing$0 (0%)
legend Other$29,538 (1%)

Steve Stivers and the rest of the Republicans only feel the need to hear from you at election time.  Until then, forget about it.

Rep. Steve Stivers continues to have the endorsement of the NRA on his campaign website. Does Stivers support the NRA and the far right, pro-gun mantra? Does Stivers care that 90% of Americans support background checks for gun ownership? Call Stivers at one of his office and tell him to support background checks:  

(202) 225-2015 - Fax (202) 225-3529
(614) 771-4968 - Fax (614) 771-3990  
 (740) 654-2654 - Fax (740) 654-2482  
(937) 283-7049 - Fax (937) 283-7052