Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Kasich Still Going After Workers

If you live in Ohio, you remember the ugly fight Gov. John Kasich and the Republican waged against Ohio's workers in the form of SB 5. Did you really think that Kasich and the Republicans got the message from Ohio voters when Issue 2/SB 5 was defeated? No.
Kasich, the Ohio GOP, and their powerful business buddies are pushing "right to work" legislation for the state.  Kasich wants you to have the "right to work" for less.


Republican State Rep Ron Maag is looking for cosponsors for an anti-union, Right to Work bill he plans to introduce in the Ohio House.
Maag’s “Workplace Freedom” bill will deal only with public sector unions and will “remove any requirement under the Public Employees Collective Bargaining Law that public employees join or pay dues to any employee organization and prohibits public employers from requiring public employees to join or pay dues to any employee organization.”
In early 2011, Maag voted for Senate Bill 5, which would have decimated collective bargaining rights for Ohio’s public sector workers.  The bill sparked a huge pro-labor backlash.  The law was overturned by referendum.

Of course, Ron Maag has ties to ALEC, the Koch sponsored anti-worker, pro-business group. The text of the legislation is linked here.

>>> The MaddowBlog has more on Republican efforts to eliminate younger voters.


...Now Republicans in Ohio have come up with a new approach. In Ohio, eight of the 14 public universities routinely provide students with documents that make it possible for them to register to vote at school. But in the state House, Republicans are pushing a budget amendment (pdf) requiring schools that issue those documents to charge the student only in-state tuition, even if the student otherwise would pay the higher out-of-state rate. Under Ohio's scheme, the student votes and the school gets punished.

State Senator Nina Turner says the measure would give universities an incentive to make it harder for students to vote:
"[T]o force Ohio’s universities to do the dirty work of voter suppression is unconscionable."

Ohio's Republicans just hate those young Democratic college students!

Wait!!!!!  One more thing!!!!  
Gov. John Kasich's big deal with Diebold has gone down the toilet. Kasich promised Diebold $100 million of our money in return for jobs in Ohio.  Apparently, Diebold broke those promises and Plunderbund has the info here.