Friday, April 26, 2013

News to Use....

** Ohioans will face new school levies and bond issues because of cuts to education and local municipalities. Which elected official cut money to schools, cities, counties, safety forces, etc.?  Republican Gov. John Kasich made massive cuts to programs and this will cause taxpayers to pay out more so that local government and schools can operate. Teachers, police, and fire fighters are being laid off across the state all thanks to Kasich. Shame. Ohio's needs honesty and a new direction. We need someone that respects the middle class---not Kasich.


* What is the matter with background checks for gun ownership? It might not be the perfect solution to prevent future Sandy Hooks, but it is a step in the right direction.

Here is a presentation on the U.S. Senators that voted against background checks:
TheyDon'tWorkforYou.  Notice that Ohio's Sen. Rob Portman is one of those listed.


>>>> Ohio Republicans are obviously working for those that contributed to their campaigns. In legislation that could have been written by beer distributors that supported Republicans, one of Ohio's biggest employers is on the losing end of legislation.


One of the oddest Statehouse spectacles in recent years — a beer bill being put on hold after it passed both branches of the legislature unanimously — apparently is coming to an end.

Gov. John Kasich said he likely will sign the measure, pushed through a committee and both houses in only four hours last week, that whacks Anheuser-Busch InBev in favor of beer wholesalers that gave more than $600,000 to lawmakers’ 2012 campaigns.....

In Ohio, Republicans let their contributors control legislation.

>  Congress is working on getting furloughed air traffic controller back to work. When will they work on re-hiring food inspectors, funding Meals on Wheels, WIC, college programs, chemotherapy, etc.?