Monday, October 28, 2013

Westerville Schools

Westerville Public Schools School Board is being targeted by the Ohio Tea Party. Kelly Kohls of the Springboro School Board has recruited teams of tea party members to run for school positions.


Ohio Tea Party activists have set their sights on controlling local school boards around the state, and they are doing it through deceptive marketing campaigns, claiming to care about “students.”   Many are following the lead of Springboro’s Kelly Kohls......

....The ticket is headed up by Westerville Tea Party director Jim Burgess, one of the leaders of an effort to overturn the Westerville school levy passed by voters last year.   
The plan, promoted on their website, calls for cutting school funding by opposing school levies, then reprioritizing spending for the remaining money.    A fancy pyramid graphic shows the order in which things will be cut, starting with teacher benefits and reimbursements for things like classroom supplies.
Support services go next, and then sports, food service and busing.....

Parents, students, and teachers need to spread the word about this radical plan from the Ohio Tea Party and Kelly Kohls.

If you like Ted Cruz and enjoyed the government shutdown orchestrated by the Republican Tea Party, then you'll love watching the destruction of your public schools.