Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Be Informed

Has Gov. John Kasich created jobs in Ohio? He says he has. Unfortunately, many of the jobs he has created are minimum wage jobs with limited hours, and the layoffs are still happening (see ODJFS WarnPage). Kasich is still several hundred thousand jobs behind of total employment in the state. Although Kasich may have expanded Medicaid by going through the State Controlling Board, his anti-women's rights stand has been horrible. Poor women across the state are finding health care clinics being closed and less access to women's gynecological medical help. 

>>>>  The people that brought you SB 5, are still active in Ohio. The Americans For Prosperity group has offices across Ohio. AFP and their supporters will continue to push Ohio into the right-to-work column. If Ohio re-elects Kasich, legislation like SB 5 will be pushed by the Republicans and their anti-union, anti-worker rights, supporters. (See news from May 2013.)

**** How are some of Ohio's elected officials helping women? Check out the PPAction website to see the Thanks for Sen. Sherrod Brown and the Spanks for Rep. Steve Stivers: PPAction.