Thursday, October 31, 2013

Most Qualified?????

Here we go again! Gov. John Kasich has made another appointment to his administration.


The Ohio Department of Education’s teacher liaison has been promoted to senior policy advisor, a top post at the agency.
Sarah Dove, 33, has a long association with Gov. John Kasich. She was a production assistant for his Fox News program Heartland with John Kasich. The program ran from 2001 to 2007.....

...Her promotion to senior policy advisor came with a raise of about $38,000, bringing her salary to about $89,500, according to state administrative records.....

Here is the kicker from the StateImpact article:

...Dove worked on Kasich’s 2010 gubernatorial campaign and was publicly critical of teacher unions in the months leading up to the successful campaign to repeal Senate Bill 5....

Wow! She has five years of teaching and now she is a "senior policy advisor"!!!!!  Miss Dove and Kyle Farmer (an Ohio GOP county chairperson) ran the small "Teachers for Kasich" group. It is absolutely amazing that this friend of John Kasich's is the most qualified person in the entire state of Ohio!!!  Wow!