Wednesday, October 09, 2013

They Were Warned

While some Republicans spoke openly about shutting down the government months ago, there were people that warned them that their actions would have consequences.  Unfortunately, the Republicans did not listen.


Pentagon Comptroller Robert Hale warned in late September that military death-benefit payments would be delayed for families of troops who were killed during a government shutdown, but it took until the second week of the crisis for members of Congress to propose doing anything about it.

"We would also be required to do some ... bad things to our people," Hale warned during a briefing on September 27, detailing the negative effects of a shutdown on the military. "We couldn't immediately pay death gratuities to those who die on active duty during the lapse."

Hale said the situation "is ghoulish, but it's the law, not policy. Remember that."

The Republicans must be made to realize that their shutdown of the government caused this denial of benefits to the families of our fallen heroes. The Republicans did it. 

The Republicans did not listen or remember.

What else did the Republicans do?

1.  Our men and women in the military were not paid until legislation was passed because the Republicans thought the country needed less government.
2.  The WIC program is not providing food, formula, and milk to poor women, infants, and children. The lack of food and proper nourishment for pregnant women, babies, and young children can be catastrophic.

3.  The federal museums and national parks are closed, but then again, the Republicans stopped the funding.

4.  Federal workers were furloughed and have not been promised back pay. It has been held up by Republican Sen. John Cornyn.

5.  The IRS is closed, but taxes are due for some.  The help desk is closed because workers were told to stay home since they are not being paid.

6. Meals on Wheels, which provides meals to the poor elderly has funding for a couple of weeks. I guess the Republicans just don't like poor old grandmothers and grandfathers.

Etc., etc., etc...........

IF the Republicans go ahead and refuse to raise the debt limit, the result would be horrible. Payment for Social Security, Medicare, Social Security Disability, etc. would not be funded.  If your Republican elected member of the House or the Senate has not heard from you yet, email/call them.  Our government needs to operate and fund our programs. Our workers want to get back to work because they have families, rent due, and house payments too (even though Rep. Lee Terry thinks he is the only one that needs his pay).