Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tea Party Likes Gridlock???

In an article published in this morning's edition of USA Today, a Tea Party leader reveals future plans --- the farm bill and more gridlock.  USA Today:

"We think gridlock is a good thing," said Diane Cox, a Tea Party activist from Valdosta, Ga., who is one of 6,000 Heritage Action "sentinels" who pushed to defund the Affordable Care Act and is closely watching developments on the farm bill. "It's called the balance of powers."

...After rejecting an earlier version of the farm bill in June, the GOP-led House broke the legislation into two pieces, first approving a chunk that dealt with farm subsidies along with other agriculture policies and then passing the food-stamp portion. The House-passed bill cuts food stamps by roughly $40 billion during the next decade, dropping benefits to 3 million people.

The Senate measure cuts far less from food stamps — about $4 billion over 10 years....

It is apparent that the Republicans and their Tea Party puppet masters are hell-bent on destroying the government and allowing more people to go hungry.  With the Republican budget committee being chaired by Rep. Paul "Social Security is a Ponzi scheme" Ryan, Democrats will need to stand strong against further disruptions to our government, cuts to Social Security, and attempts to end Affordable Health Care.

Tea Party members and their Republican friends don't like progress, innovation, science, or caring for the poor and elderly. Republicans and their Tea Party pals have demonstrated their inability to work with a majority of the American people. It is time to let them join the unemployment line.