Tuesday, October 01, 2013

It Begins

Health Care sign up begins! If you are in need of health insurance, be certain to check the www.healthcare.gov website or telephone (800) 318-2596. According to numerous news reports, the website has been deluged with applicants, and at times has crashed.

**** Ohio is still losing jobs and another company is closing in Ohio--JC's 5 Star Outlet.  The ODJFS warn page shows 237 people will lose their jobs.  John Kasich's JobsOhio appears to be a complete failure.

>> The Republican government shutdown included several elected GOPers from Ohio. The NewYorker has a map showing the districts of those Republicans that pushed John Boehner into this awful shutdown. Here is the map from the NewYorker:

While members of the military, and federal government workers will not be paid during this time, the program that is called WIC (Women Infants & Children) and Meals on Wheels will also not be funded. To the Republicans, this is all a joke. Real people are hurting but the Republicans don't care---they will still get their paychecks.