Thursday, January 03, 2013

Wake up, Ohio!

* Plunderbund has exposed Republican Tea Partier Debe Terhar's attempt to rewrite history.  Plunderbund:

In March of 2011 Governor Kasich made a play to gain control of Ohio’s Board of Education, using his influence to remove fellow Republican board president Robin Hovis, replacing her with Tea Party activist and private charter school advocate Debe Terhar.

Kasich and Terhar then teamed up to oust State Superintendent of Education Deborah Delisle......
....In a recent article Terhar now claims she played no part in forcing out State Superintendant Deborah Delisle....

Terhar and Kasich continue to promote schools that have unsatisfactory results. A little research shows that the online schools have a very low number of students that actually graduate from high school. Why should we allow our tax money to go to private businesses that own schools when their outcomes are unsatisfactory? Terhar and Kasich are destroying Ohio's public education, and the proof shows up in the results posted as school and district grade cards.  Instead of providing more funding for public schools this Republican administration of Ohio is diverting money away from our children's education to fund their pet projects----charter schools.

Ohioans must wake up to what is going on in the Ohio Department of Education and the right wing agenda being pushed by Kasich, Terhar, and their charter school friends.