Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Question of Judgment

It must be a little uncomfortable for Debe Terhar.


The president of the state board of education told colleagues she “regrets not using better judgment” with a Facebook post that linked President Barack Obama’s gun control proposals to Adolf Hitler.

The post set off a hail of criticism and calls from Democrats for her to step down.

Debe Terhar, a Republican from Green Township, sent the note in an email to fellow school board members just after 9 p.m. Tuesday, several hours after the post landed her in the political hot seat.....

If she put something like this on her Facebook page, it makes you wonder what she might have said to those friendly tea party crowds she spoke with during her campaign. Did Debe Terhar post on Facebook using a computer owned by the state during her work hours? I'd like to know.

Gov. John Kasich has said that " further action is necessary....," (WOWKTV) that doesn't mean that citizens should let this rest. When Kasich runs for re-election, this is just one more item to add to the pile of evidence on why he doesn't need a second term.

When Democrats come into power again in Ohio, they'll need some help finding out where some district offices are now located. They'll also need to get rid of all the right wing mandates put into force by the Kasich gang.

*** Debe Terhar's name appears on a list of Cincinnati 912project precinct people (page 1, #31). What are her ties to this group Glenn Beck group? Why was she endorsed by a far right group, Ohioans for Educational Freedom?

>>> I hope that you were able to catch part of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's testimony in front of committee hearings on Benghazi. If there are any conclusions to be drawn from what was heard, they are----

(1) Republicans cut over $300 million in embassy security prior to the incident in Libya. There are consequences to such deep budget cuts.

(2) Rand Paul lives in some fantasy world where he imagine that he will be President. He must watch only Fox News because he used all their talking points including some far out accusations involving Turkey.

(3) Sen. Ron Johnson is an empty suit and is just trying to make himself look good in front of his tea party Republican friends.

(4) Hillary Clinton is one tough lady and I hope that one day she will be our President!