Wednesday, January 30, 2013

More Failing Charter Schools

* Gov. John Kasich's budget will be introduced, and people are already fearful about what kinds of cuts are in store this time.

Dispatch: superintendent, Groveport Madison’s Bruce Hoover, told his school-board members he’d heard that districts would keep 92 percent of their current funding. The other 8 percent would be held back as incentives for districts that meet certain criteria.....

....lawyers for ScholArts Preparatory and Career Center for Children had to try to convince a state hearing officer on Monday that it shouldn’t be shut down.

ScholArts hasn’t received state per-pupil funding for months and won’t again for February. The state says the school overstated its enrollment and failed to pay into the state School Employees Retirement System.....

According to the school report card database linked to the Dispatch, the ScholArts Preparatory and Career Center for Children has not met the State Indicators and is on Academic Emergency.

With cuts made in the last budget, state money doesn't need to be cut further to education and communities. Gov. Kasich and his corporate pals want to privatize everything and so the cuts will probably continue so that Kasich can say he saved us taxpayers money. If failing charter schools get more money, public schools are given less funding, and people lose fire and police services, budget cuts and income tax cuts are worthless. The Republican way pushes more tax cuts, and businesses making profits off of schools and emergency services. That is wrong.