Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Profits Over Educational Progress

Another school district in Ohio is facing drastic disruptions in education programs, staffing, and material supplies because of education cuts made by Gov. John Kasich in his budget.


Centerville City Schools, which saw its November levy fail by less than a percentage point, approved on Monday night $2.6 million in cuts from its budget next school year and requested a 6.9-mill operating levy from voters in May.....

....Details on these specifics were not released Monday night as the school board approved the May operating levy. These additional cuts and levy placement come on the heels of a 5.9-mill levy failure in November, and cuts of 63 positions and $12 million during the last four years.....

“Our revenue stream continues to dry up,” said Superintendent Tom Henderson, referring to multimillion-dollar federal and state cuts that include the Tangible Personal Property Tax. “And we’re concerned we’re not going to get any more money from the state. In fact, we’re afraid we’re going to be cut further.”

While our Republican governor and his corporate charter school supporters/donors  continue to cut public school funding, our children lose. Gov. John Kasich, his corporate charter school operators, and others want to take money from public schools and hand it over to corporations.  The problem with is that corporations will "fix" things so that corporations will make a profit off our children's education.

Gov. Kasich has been paling around with Michelle Rhee, Marguerite Roza, and other pro-charter school proponents. When corporations start trying to increase profits from educational programs, children will go without the quality of programs/materials/teachers that have previously been a part of their education.  Charter school proponents say that they have research that proves their success, but a lot of it is tainted as the explained at School Finance.

Don't sit back and wait for someone to come in and destroy our public education in Ohio. Get ready for another Kasich move to privatize everything----even our schools.