Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fiscal Conservative?

Josh Mandel, Ohio Treasurer, and former Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, has found a way to help his frat friends, family friends, and political cronies----


The Dayton Daily News has all the details, as well as exactly which employee got the most money. The Columbus Dispatch, the cheerleader for the Ohio GOP, doesn't have one word about the raises.

Here is part of the list from the Dayton Daily News:

Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel restructured his leadership team and doled out raises to 33 staffers. Here are the team members and their titles and pay.

  Name Job Title New Job Title Before After
Lord, Michael Senior Policy Advisor Chief of Staff 100,000 130,000
Day, Jennifer Chief Operating Officer Chief Operating Officer 103,000 110,000
Biedenharn, Jennifer Director of Accounting Director of Accounting 93,000 98,500
Blain, Denise Director of Trust Director of Trust 90,000 98,500
Fracassa, Michael Director of Revenue Management Director of Revenue Management 86,500 98,500
Ghetti, Sante Director of Regional Reps and CPIM Director of Economic Development and CPIM 93,000 98,500
Hawkins, Angela Director of Communications and Com Ed General Counsel 93,000 98,500
Kish, Megan Director of Human Resources and Fiscal Director of Human Resources and Fiscal 93,000 98,500
Kohlhorst, Dusten Director of Information Technology Director of Information Technology 86,500 98,500
Unger, Seth Press Secretary Director of Communications 93,000 98,500
Synenberg, Eric Deputy Legal Counsel and Public Affairs Officer Deputy Director of Internal Audit 75,000 85,000.....

Cronyism is alive and well in the Ohio Treasurer's office.  While Mandel claims to be saving the state money, these raises are obscene, especially when school children are seeing cuts in their programs. 


A new Pew Research Poll shows that Americans, by a wide majority, do not want to overturn Roe v. Wade: