Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ladies--- Are you taking notes?

Here is an infographic posted at Huffington Post that shows you how pregnant rape victims are treated in each state.

...If a woman who conceives through rape does go on to have the child, she can open herself up to being victimized by her rapist again and again. In 31 states, paternal rapists are allowed to sue for custody and visitation rights like any other father, as a Chicago woman who was served with custody papers from her rapist brought to the public's attention last summer after former Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.) made his "legitimate rape" comments....

Even in the states that don't protect the parental rights of rapists, many rapes never lead to a conviction and certain provisions can make it difficult for a woman impregnated through sexual assault to keep her attacker out of her and her child's life.....

Can you imagine the young woman who was brutally raped, is forced to continue the pregnancy, and then after giving birth has to face the rapist who wants visitation rights? How would you feel if your daughter had to deal with her rapist and his demands for visitation or even custody?  This is exactly how the Republicans believe that women should be forced to live.  It is disgusting.

Republicans, who control many of the state legislatures of these states, including Ohio, cannot understand why women voters aren't supporting the GOP. We need to protect our daughters and remind them that Republicans just don't care about a woman's health, career, or future. Teach your daughters well!