Sunday, December 16, 2012

Time To Do Something for Safety

It has been so sad watching the names and faces of those who were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School. It is time that we as a nation make certain that we reduce the chances of events like this ever happening again.

We need to fund mental health programs.  This is an important step in getting people help before they take a step toward violence. Families who are concerned about unstable members of their families should be able to seek help for them. We must get psychiatric help for those people that need it. Instead of funding tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires, let us get some help for those that are in need of mental health care -- ASAP!

>>>  Bryan Fischer, of the right wing conservative religious lobby, has been on the airwaves. HuffPost:

....Bryan Fischer made some notably controversial comments in the wake of the tragedy.

....The conservative Christian who has continuously drawn the ire of groups such as the Southern Poverty Law Center and GLAAD for his anti-gay rhetoric and vitriolic tirades on behalf of the American Family Association, said on his radio show that God did not protect the victims of the Connecticut shooting because prayer has been prohibited from the public school system...

...Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee made similar remarks on Friday....

Mr. Fischer, and his pal, Mike Huckabee, are being disrespectful to the victims, their families, and the nation in their talk about what they believe caused the violence. Get it straight---- We are a nation of many people, beliefs, races----but we are all Americans. Not saying prayers in public schools did not cause the killings.  A man with a gun did it.  He is to blame.

From what I've read at various sites, the Westboro Baptist Church plan to protest at Newtown, Connecticut, tomorrow and in the following days. I hope that law enforcement, the community, Marine Leathernecks with their motorcycles, and others are able to peacefully keep the Westboro people away.

Finally, we as a nation must do something about gun violence. We must protect our children, and our families.  They are more important than the NRA.

Note to all: Please stop watching Fox News and listening to Fischer, Huckabee, and the others.