Tuesday, December 18, 2012

In The News.....

* Sen. Patrick Inouye, Democrat of Hawaii, has passed away. Sen. Inouye was also a Medal of Honor winner for his heroism in World War II.

* Word is that Ohio Gov. John Kasich will sign the latest gun bill put forth by far right Republicans.


Gov. John Kasich said Monday he intends to sign a new concealed carry law allowing guns into the Statehouse parking garage, rejecting a call to veto the bill in the wake of last week's shootings in Connecticut....

...Last week, Senate President Tom Niehaus said the guns in the garage language was added at the request of Republican state senators who wish to bring firearms to work after hunting or going to shooting fundraisers. 

Along with allowing guns in parking areas at the state capitol, the bill also changes the definition of unloaded so that gun owners can have loaded clips in their vehicles as long as they are in a separate compartment from the gun.

This is just more confirmation of the fact that the Republican Party has all common sense.

> Ohio Republican Rep. Steve Stivers is looking for ideas for solving the latest problem created by the Republicans.


...Got a suggestion for how to solve the fiscal cliff? Rep. Steve Stivers is taking them.

Stivers, R-Upper Arlington, has posted a survey on his website — stivers.house.gov — that asks visitors for their views on solving the cliff. Their options: Raise tax rates; reform the tax code and cut spending; don’t avert the fiscal cliff; or work together as Republicans and Democrats on revenues, spending cuts, and strengthening and securing entitlements. It also gives visitors an option to share another solution with their offer...

Stivers, who has been on the receiving end of contributions from financial firms, banks, and oil/gas concerns, now wants advice?  Contact Stivers (http://stivers.house.gov/) and tell him to raise taxes on the rich. Period.