Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ready for this?

* The "We Are Ohio" people may need to get ready for another campaign against a "right to work" issue put up by Gov. John Kasich, Ohio's Republicans, or their buddies in Americans for (their own) Prosperity.


....Kasich also declined to say what position he might take on a right-to-work amendment limiting Ohio labor unions, if one were advanced by an outside group. Besides right-to-work, which prohibits mandatory union-dues collection, other prospective ballot issues could deal with overhauling Ohio’s redistricting process or countering burgeoning ballot initiatives pushing gay marriage or legalized medical marijuana. 

I'm sure that Kasich's open invitation for someone to put forth right to work legislation will meet the same opposition he saw for SB5/Issue 2, and may sink his chances for re-election. 

* Following the Ohio State basketball's win over Winthrop, an unusual press conference took place. The basketball coach of Winthrop, Pat Kelsey, said what a lot of Americans are thinking since the shootings at Sandy Hook.

USA Today: