Thursday, December 13, 2012


* Oh, no!  Another Ohio charter school is in trouble!!!!


A Columbus charter school already strained because of poor fiscal management now is under state scrutiny for its work with special-needs children.

Ohio Department of Education officials made an unannounced visit to ScholArts Preparatory and Career Center for Children yesterday because of ongoing concerns about whether the school is properly educating children. The department now is auditing its special-education practices, attendance counts, teacher credentials and federal grant spending, said Jim Herrholtz, an associate superintendent at the department.

The 120-student school’s sponsor, or overseer, already has given it a Dec. 31 deadline to either find a new sponsor or close because of its financial problems. Ohio charter schools must have a sponsor to operate.....

As long as some politicians continue to receive huge amounts of campaign money from the owners of charter schools, nothing will be done. The owners will get a slap on the wrist, but be able to keep the state money they've collected. The school will be closed, and parents will need to scramble to find a new school for children. 

You can see all the report cards for schools in Ohio here.  In case you are interested, the report card for this school is available online at StateImpact Ohio:

Scholarts Preparatory and Career Center for ChildrenFranklinCo. 2010-11 Rating: F2009-11