Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Right To Work Laws Hurt Families

Michigan has created a huge mess with their elected Republicans passing right to work laws.  Americans for Prosperity and other moneyed interests have allegedly had some influence on the passage of this legislation.

Michigan joins other states, mostly in the south and west, that have passed these right to work laws. Here is a comparison of similar jobs and wages in Ohio and Mississippi (right to work state):

Source: Mississippi State Personnel Board
  Mississippi: Licensed Practical Nurse = $26,294 - $28,051 ($12.64 - $13.48/hr)

Source:  Ohio Hiring Management System.
      Ohio: Licensed Practical Nurse = $19.06 - $23.87/hr ($39,561 - $49,649)

You can explore the jobs sites for both states at the links above.  Now that these right wing groups have been successful in Michigan, they'll try other states, like Ohio. No matter what Kasich says, don't believe him. Republicans dislike unions, especially since they usually support Democratic candidates.  Kasich tried to make changes in Ohio with SB 5
(Issue 2), and one never knows what he'd do in the future.  Why would anyone vote for him in the first place, let alone a second time?