Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Cuts to disabled veterans?

The Republicans in the House of Representatives want to preserve those massive tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires. What programs would be cut? On his radio program today, Ed Schultz interviewed Sen. Bernie Sanders, who provided some details about the Republican plan.  The Republican budget cuts would be in Social Security, Medicare, education, and other important programs including reductions in money provided to our disabled military veterans. Social Security recipients could have their funds slashed by several hundred dollars per year. These are absolutely disgusting proposals that demonstrate the disrespect the GOP has for everyone, except their moneyed friends.

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>>> In case you missed it---- Soledad O'Brien had another interesting discussion with a Republican.


The newly-named chair of the House Financial Services committee defended Republican resistance to tax cuts on the middle class in part by misrepresenting this year’s presidential election results to CNN host Soledad O’Brien.

“The President won 51-49. He’s got an electoral college victory,” said Rep. Jeb Harnseling (R-TX), both neglecting the fact that President Barack Obama’s actual popular vote victory margin was three points and ignoring Obama’s 126-vote electoral college defeat of Republican Mitt Romney. “It’s good enough to get him to be re-elected but it’s not good enough to give him a mandate.”

Republican Rep. Jeb Hensarling (TX-5th) needs to check the numbers from the election, or maybe we should all remind him. President Obama won 52% of the popular vote and Romney got 47%.  In the Electoral College, President Obama won 336, while Romney received 206. This was a bigger "mandate" than George W. Bush had over John Kerry in 2004. 

Let Jeb Hensarling hear from us so that he has the right numbers and he stops spreading lies.  Here is his contact page:

*** For those Republicans that believe that Acorn fixed the election for Obama to win----
1. Acorn has not been in business for several years.
2. A majority of Americans voted for President Obama.
3. People who believe Acorn still exists need to stop watching Fox News and deal with reality---- not political propaganda.