Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Kasich's Prospects for Re-Election

There are some very interesting numbers in a poll posted at the CincinnatiEnquirer:

A Quinnipiac poll  out this morning shows Gov. John Kasich getting a “thumbs-up” from Ohio registered voters – but still facing a tough 2014 re-election.

Ohioans approve of the job he’s doing, 42 percent to 35 percent.  But the numbers pretty much flip when Ohio voters are asked if Kasich should be re-elected: 43 percent say no, 36 percent say yes....

....Interestingly, 41 percent of Republicans say they’d like to see a Republican challenge Kasich in a primary.  See our poll on that below – and feel free to offer names in the comments....

The online poll at the article's website has a list of suggested Republicans to run against Kasich in a primary. At this moment, the unscientific poll has Josh Mandel in the lead. Ha! Ha! Ha! ROFLOL!

*  Here is a fact that might play into Kasich's re-election:  President Obama won Ohio by 166,214 votes, and carried the most populated counties (Ashtabula, Cuyahoga, Franklin, Hamilton, Lucas, Mahoning, Montgomery, Summit) by wide margins (OH Sec of State: 2012 Ohio Official Election Results).

> In related news about Gov. Kasich and his budget------

Up to four state prisons and a prison camp could be closed if cuts in the upcoming state budget hit 10 percent, Ohio’s prison director has told the governor.

In an Oct. 1 budget assessment sent to Republican Gov. John Kasich’s budget director, Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction Director Gary Mohr said the number of facilities — including three large facilities and one housing a special population — to be closed will depend on how deep the budget cuts turn out to be.....

I wonder what Kasich and Gary Mohr plan to do with all those inmates. Would Kasich  release the inmates or send them to those corporately owned prisons in the state
 *     *    *
>>  Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine seems to love all the TV cameras, microphones, and newspaper people that show up at his frequent press announcements. How does he have so much time to have media events?  His proposals might be sensible, but Gov. Kasich has cut funding to schools, food banks, cities/counties/villages, Medicaid, nursing homes, roads, parks, and agriculture. Mike DeWine really likes being the center of attention, which is something he never had in the Senate. DeWine spent most of his time in the Senate following orders from George W. Bush.