Monday, September 16, 2013

Time to Call in the Feds?

What is going on in Ohio's waterways? Why did Gov. John Kasich force out the head of the Ohio EPA's water safety division? WBNS Channel 10 in Columbus has some answers.


...George Elmaraghy, 67, says he was forced to retire from his job at the EPA by his boss, director Scott Nally.
"I was devastated," Elmaraghy said. The news was so overwhelming Elmaraghy says he fainted and had to be taken to a hospital.
Elmaraghy had served the department for 39 years. His last day was Friday.
He says he never got an explanation, but believes the governor's office was upset because he resisted efforts from a coal company to approve a permit that would have allowed the company to potentially pollute streams.
He says Gov. John Kasich's office wanted him to issue those permits with quote "no numbers."   

Should the federal government investigate the role of Ohio Republican Kasich & Co. to "fix" water pollution reports? It might be time for someone outside the state to come and find out what is being dumped into our water.