Tuesday, September 03, 2013

So he says

Ohio Gov. John Kasich, Republican, provided his imput about the latest controversy surrounding Ohio Atty. Gen. Mike DeWine. In the Dispatch, Kasich indicated that the use of new facial recognition software was okay in some situations. Kasich, who is not a lawyer, cannot really provide a legal opinion on the use.

Kasich, who also is not really an educator, provided his latest goal in the area of educating the young.

...Kasich said he also wants to start introducing students to specific occupations as soon as first grade, start vocational education earlier, and give eight- and ninth-graders credit toward graduation for spending a few hours a week at a local business. 

Isn't that special? Kasich thinks business owners want to keep track of teenagers in their factories and offices. There is a real possibility of danger in this situation that could result in abuse, working near dangerous equipment, and other horrors. There are reasons why teachers and school personnel have background checks. Also, there are laws restricting the kinds of work/labor suitable for young people. Does the Governor want to expose teenagers to these types of dangers? Will the business owner assume all liability?

John Kasich needs to stop tinkering with education.


*** I'd like to see someone ask Republican Rep. Steve Stivers (OH-15) if he supports equal pay for women. Is there anyone willing to ask him? Here is his contact page.

In the past, Stivers has said some creepy things regarding women and girls (Dispatch 2008 and FDL). He needs to go on record with an answer. Until then, we'll just keep reminding women what he said in the past.

In the meantime, Stivers will be in New Lexington, Ohio, for a "listening session" on Thursday, September 5th, 7pm, at Perry Co. Senior Center, 520 1st Street. You might want to ask him some questions regarding equal pay for women, why he continues to protect bankers, and why he continues to take campaign contributions from the anti-environmentalists, anti-clean water Koch Industries (see Open Secrets).