Thursday, September 05, 2013

Ohio Charters Still Failing

Did you know that Ohio's charter schools are still failing even though Republican Gov. John Kasich and the elected Republicans continue to give them more money?

CrooksandLiars found this statistic at Education Opportunity Network:

...Almost 84,000 Ohio students — 87 percent of the state’s charter-school students — attend a charter ranking D or F in meeting state performance standards....

Wow! If students are not doing well with the money provided by our taxes, which person or corporation is getting rich off of the school funds?  

Charter school teachers are paid much lower salaries with little or no benefits, and often have 11 or 12 hour workdays.  Classrooms in charters do not have the same equipment (desks, maps, computers, books, etc.) as the traditional public school. Some charters don't even have proper desks and instead have youngsters as young as 5 and 6 sitting in adult folding chairs at large folding tables.  Schools are often housed in former gas stations, office buildings, or church basements.  How are these charters spending their money if it is not being spent on the students? How is this system a good investment for our tax money?