Friday, September 06, 2013

For Common Core

It is always interesting to see what kinds of controversy pops up in Worthington. Worthington, Ohio, is a suburb of Columbus with very highly-rated schools. Unfortunately, there are some people who believe that the move for "common core" curriculum is some kind of bizarre conspiracy theory to take over education, and brainwash children. (Of course those that oppose this improved curriculum have very little knowledge about education, teaching, and preparing students for the future.)

Here is what happened at a recent meeting to explain the new "common core" curriculum that has been adopted by nearly 50 states.


.....Ohio is one of 45 states that have adopted the Common Core standards. Worthington's curriculum has been changed to align with the new state assessments that will begin next year, but it remains Worthington's curriculum, written for the district, district leaders said.

"Worthington has one of the best curriculums around," Tucker said.

An unidentified woman in the crowd said the "devil is in the details" of Common Core.

"I mistrust the government that has a bias, that has an agenda," she said.

These tea party conspiracy people get their information from the likes of Glen Beck and Fox News. That explains everything!!!!